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Shaping Entrepreneurship Education

iStart 7th Multiplier Event
Tuesday 12th February 2019
Brussels, Belgium

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iStart 7th Multiplier Event & Final Conference

The seventh multiplier event was organized in Brussels, Belgium on the 12th of February 2019. The event was organized by European Business Angels Network (EBAN) and Student Entrepreneurs Club of the Solvay Business School and was hosted in the premises of Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) at the Campus Solbosch, Salle Sommeville.

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iStart 7th Multiplier Event & Final Conference

EBAN, in collaboration with Student Entrepreneurs Club from Solvay Business School, is delighted to invite you to join us for a one-day event focused on Digital Entrepreneurship and how the subject is taught throughout Europe.

What? iStart 7th Multiplier event and final conference
When? 12th February 2019 from 10:00 to 17:00
Where? Salle Sommeville – Avenue Jeanne, 44 – 1050 Brussels, Belgium

iStart is a European Commission Erasmus+ funded project that aims to develop a curriculum for universities and other academic institutions to teach Digital Entrepreneurship Practice in a more market/startup oriented way. The project is now coming to an end and, together with our partners, we would love to share with you the results of 30 months of work and present our brand new learning platform in Digital Entrepreneurship!

The event will end with a networking reception starting from 17:00.


“Supporting Future Entrepreneurs: iSTART’s Virtual Learning Environment Platform: The perspective of the Quadruple Helix Stakeholders

Organized by Yaşar University
Date: Thursday 20/09/2018 at 14:30 – 17:00
Place: Y Block – 1st Floor – Y110
Üniversite Cd. 37-39, 35100 Bornova/İzmir

The Event’s goal is to present the Virtual Learning Environment platform developed by iStart, as a tool to support future entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship education.
The four different groups of the quadruple-helix stakeholders; academia, business, investors and government authorities, will meet and exchange ideas commenting on the platform and on ways to support and enhance entrepreneurial education.

4th DEP Startup Academy, organized by YASAR University, Izmir.

September 17-21, 2018

This September, from Monday 17th until Friday 21st, YASAR University and iSTART project organize a five-day Startup Academy in Izmir, Turkey.

If you have an entrepreneurial interest in solving contemporary problems related to the Agro-Business Value Chain (e.g. Logistics and transport, Warehouse Management, ICT use in Agro (Big Data & IoT), Agro-Business and Management, Industrial Design, etc.) with state-of-the-art technologies, we invite you to join us in the iStart Izmir Academy, organized by YASAR University! Nevertheless ideas outside these fields are also welcomed!
We accept already formed groups,  students with ideas or students who want to work on other persons’ ideas
There are only 30 seats available, so apply now:

Participation is free of charge. However, the Academy will not provide reimbursements for travel and hotel costs. The Academy will provide free lunch to participants.
The academy will be held in English. We provide the tutors, you bring your laptop.

Click to download 4rd DEP Startup Academy flyer.


More Information:

Deadline for applications: 29/08/2018  Extended Deadline: 10/09/2018
Results will be announced on: 11/09/2018

iStart: “A Lean-Training, Innovative, Multidisciplinary Digital Entrepreneurship Platform” is Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership project. (2016-1-TR01-KA203-034258).


3rd DEP Startup Academy by ComoNExT, Italy.

May 21-25, 2018

This May (21-25), ComoNExT organises a five-day Startup Academy in Lomazzo (CO), Italy.
Participation is free of charge.
We accept already formed groups, students with ideas & students who want to work on other persons’ ideas
There are only 30 seats available, so apply now:
iStart: “A Lean-Training, Innovative, Multidisciplinary Digital Entrepreneurship Platform” is Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership project. (2016-1-TR01-KA203-034258).

The Entrepreneur Profile of the Digital Age,Instituto Pedro Nunes, Coimbra, Portugal

Nov 03, 2017, 14:30- ­16:00
Instituto Pedro Nunes, Coimbra

2nd DEP Startup Academy organized by IPN in​ Coimbra, Portugal

October 31 – November 4 2017
Instituto Pedro Nunes, Coimbra, Portugal

Instituto Pedro Nunes and the iStart Project is organizing a five-day Startup Academy in Coimbra, Portugal from the 31st of October until the 4th of November 2017.

The Start-Up Ecosystem from a Quadruple-Helix Perspective

September 21, 2017 14:00 – 16:00, Yasar University, Izmir, Turkey

Place: Yasar Univeristy
Y Building Ground Floor
Conference Room
Universite Cad. No 37-39
Bornova, Izmir

Participation is free of charge.

13:30 – 14:00 Registration and Welcome
14.00 – 14.15 Prof. Dr. Levent KANDİLLER, Yasar University “Welcome address- Presentation of the i-Start Programme and Yaşar University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiatives”
14.15 – 14.30 Dr. Serdal TEMEL, Associate Prof – Ege University EBİLTEM-TTO, Vice Director
14.30 – 14.45 H.İ.Murat ÇELİK, PMP – İzmir Devolopment Agency, Head of Planning, Programming and Coordination
14.45 – 15.00 Murat IHLAMUR, Tech Investor, Netsis/Vela Partners
15.00 – 15.15 Aydın Buğra İLTER, EGİAD (Aegean Young Businessmen Association) President of the Board of Directors
15.15 – 15.30 Murat ÖDEMİŞ, Startup, Univerlist Founder
15.30 – 16.00 Round table discussion

2nd Trainers Lab organized by Yasar University, in Izmir, Turkey

September 18-22, Yasar University, Izmir, Turkey

The 2nd Trainers Lab will be organized by YASAR University, in Izmir, from the 18th until the 22nd of September 2017, with the participation of experts from all partner organizations from Greece, Italy, Portugal and Belgium.
The scope of the 2nd Trainers Lab is to refine and assess the work performed in the 1st DEP Academy, as well as to interact with the local quadruple-helix stakeholders (academic, start-ups, investros and local societal and policy makers) in order to improve the curriculum blueprint for the design and deployment of the next DEP Academies.
During the 2nd Trainers Lab, YASAR University will organize a Multiplier Event, on the 21st of September 2017, to disseminate the results of the project and get feedback from the local stakeholders.

Promoting Digital Entrepreneurship

June 30, 2017 10:00 – 12:00

3, Leontos Sofou, 5th floor, Thessaloniki
(City College, an International Faculty of the University of Sheffield)
Participation is free of charge.

Interested in Digital Entrepreneurship? The i-Start* project team invites you to an open event on Promoting Digital Entrepreneurship.


9.30 -10.00 Registration and welcome
10.00-10.10 Dr Effie Staiou, Yasar University “Welcome address- Presentation of the i-Start Programme”
10.10-10.20 Maria Giokarini, University of Macedonia “Entrepreneurship in Academia: The role of Entrepreneurship Labs”
10.20-10.30 Menelaos Samaras, SEVE (Greek International Business Association) “The export dynamics of digital entrepreneurship”
10.30-10.40 Grigoris Zarotiadis, Aristotle University “ The importance of new, small and medium production activity”
10.40-10.50 Vaggelis Vasiliadis, Agrostis, CEO “The start-up experience”
10.50-11.00 Stavros Moisidis, Turnand, CEO “The start-up experience”

11.00-12.00 Discussion Session

1st DEP Academy organized in Thessaloniki, Greece.

June 26-30, 2017

This June (26-30), the South East European Research Center, i4G and the iStart Project organise a five-day Startup Academy in Thessaloniki.
Participation is free of charge.
If you have an entrepreneurial interest in solving contemporary urban problems (e.g. aging population, environmental regulations, transportation, refugees, etc.) with state-of-the-art technologies (gamification, AI, VR, data analytics, etc.), apply now for the iStart Thessaloniki Academy!
There are only 20 seats available, so apply now:
Deadline for applications: 14/05/2017
iStart: “A Lean-Training, Innovative, Multidisciplinary Digital Entrepreneurship Platform” is Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership project. (2016-1-TR01-KA203-034258).

1st Trainers Lab held in Lomazzo (Como), Italy

3-7 APRIL 2017

The Trainers´Labs consist of physical face-to-face meetings among the thematic experts of the partners. The specific purpose of the 1st Trainers´Lab is to:

1. Study each partner´s local training trends and needs and relevant communities aiming at facilitating entrepreneurship.
2. Establish the Trainers’ Laboratories as an effective mechanism manned by quadruple helix organizations representatives.
3. Create a blueprint/methology for the academies that will guide their detailed design and facilitate their deployment.


Dear students and future Entrepreneurs Your opinion matters!
Please help us identify your training needs related to the necessary skills for Digital Entrepreneurship practice.
Please follow the link and fill in the questionnaire! It will only take five minutes of your time!
Thanking you in advance!
The iSTART team


Kick-off Meeting of “iStart: A Lean-Training, Innovative, Multidisciplinary Digital Entrepreneurship Platform” Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership project was organized by Yaşar University on 03-04 November 2016 with the participation of partner organizations from Belgium, Greece, Italy and Portugal.